See What Others Are Saying …

“This is a comprehensive kung-fu system – taught in a really friendly and supportive environment. Steven is a very passionate and patient teacher, who takes the time to go over the movements, forms (called bows in this system), and drills – to make sure everyone understands and keeps up. The system is more than just a fitness class or a martial style- there are also aspects of introspection, psychology and personal development. During my years training with Steven in this system, I have learnt a lot about character traits, personality styles, breathing techniques, meditation techniques, focus, body mechanics and fighting styles. I love going to this class – while I lived in Santa Cruz it was a highlight of my week – Steven has a great sense of humor as well as being a really proficient teacher – and he attracts a really great group of students that are fun to be around and to train with. Whenever I am in town I always try and get to a class.

The system is really interesting and is based on 3 cats and 3 snakes – so there are both hard and soft kung-fu styles taught. There is opportunity to train strengths but also to work on techniques that are more of a challenge.

I would recommend this class to beginners who want to find a kung-fu style to learn from the beginning – and also to practitioners of other martial arts who want to learn new skills and expand their training to include skills that are transferable out in the ‘real world’ too.

The group is very inclusive and there is a good mix of ages and genders. I would recommend going to a class to see what it’s all about.

Excellent kung-fu school.”


“Steven is a gifted teacher, finding the perfect blend of seriousness and humor, working productively with students of every level and style, from slow and meditative to explosive and willful. In what other martial art do you get to also do dream interpretation and blind work in the woods?”

— NIK B.

“If you’re looking for a practice to help sync your body, mind, and spirit, then look no further! In addition to making you physically fit, Chien-Lung classes will never fail to make you laugh, thanks to Steven’s infinite supply of humor.”


“I came to Steven’s Six Animal Kung Fu class five years ago after 30 years of sitting behind a desk. While I’m not quite ready for the MMA championships, Steven has taught me to move my body with more grace and power than I would have thought possible. Each of the six animals (cobra, boa, python, leopard, panther, and tiger) embodies not only a different martial style, but a different way of moving, a different frame of mind, a different philosophy of life. Add to this the fact that Steven is incredibly generous with his time and guidance, combining together his years of practice as well as his background as a professor of psychology.”

— JON P.